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Auburn Heritage Association
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View photos of historic locations in and around Auburn
The Auburn Heritage Association, dedicated to historic preservation in Alabama, was founded in 1974. Its purpose is to provide an organization dedicated to the identification and preservation of items and material of historical significance in Auburn and its surrounding environment.

The main functions of the organization are:

  • To collect material which helps establish or illustrate the history of Auburn, its exploration, settlement and development.
  • To educate all ages about the value of historic preservation.
  • To stimulate interest in local history by assisting in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings and sites.
  • To catalogue and place markers on historical sites, buildings, and homes.
  • To instigate local and state action to protect the historical character of Auburn.

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Officers and Board Members

President-Mary Norman

Vice President-Charles Hendrix

Secretary-June Spooner

Treasurer-Dale Coleman

HCC Representative-Ann Pearson

Board Members

Trudy Baker
Kitt Conner
Becky Hendrix
Dora James
Anne Cullars Graves
Linda Silavent-McMillan
Connie & David Rosenblatt
Mary Elizabeth Shaw

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